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Abass was born into a family of well known royal drummers and from the age of 6yrs, he was inspired by his grandmother who taught him the drums by singing the rhythms. He was formally trained by his uncle, the famous Ghanaian master drummer Mustapha Tettey Addy, playing with the Royal Obonu Drummers from the age of 10years. Abass has been delivering workshops, performance and team building events for the past 30 years, nationally and internationally. He leads One-drum's dynamic performance work in a wide range of Africa’s drumming traditions. Abass brings great understanding and awareness of his African cultural heritage to our contemporary, multicultural society through One-drum's educational workshops.


STELLA : Dancer

Stella Dodoo

Stella has taught African Dance in schools and has performed both nationally and internationally for 20 years now. She has been delivering workshops sharing her knowledge and passion with students of all ages and ability. She has taught many student within communities, Europe, America and abroad, at the Academmy of African Music and Arts Ltd (A.A.M.A) founded by Mustapha Tettey Addy. 


Her recent project was with children with difficult needs and the out-come was so great that, she intends to develop her skills on that area as well. Stella is a versatile dancer with an infectious talent for performing and teaching, and an energy which inspires joy in everyone.


African Dancer

Gilbert Yaw Cofie better known as Yaw Cofie is a Master African Drummer and Dancer of 18 years experience from Ghana. Performing, teaching and choreographing using many forms of African dance has taken him to Singapore, South & East Africa, and Europe, where he enjoys sharing his passion for African Performing Arts with all who are willing to learn. He has also been working with One Drum for the past 5 years.



Sherifa began dancing at the age of eight. She first honed her skills as a traditional African dancer and then moved on to study contemporary dance, becoming the first woman to win the Ghana Freestyle Dance Championships.


She featured in many London productions including the highly acclaimed Storm Force in 2004. Prior to this, Sherifa has appeared in many International productions as dancer for Ghanaian and West African musician.



In 1987, at aged 12, I began my drumming career in Kokrobite Ghana where I joined the group named Akrowa, led by Mustapha Tetteh- Addey a world renowned master drummer.

At aged 19, after a short stint with the group Gawa Africa led by Odarkwei, I moved to the city of Accra to perform with the Ghana Scout Group. By this time I achieved the status of Master Drummer.


Nii Boye Owoo: Drummer

 Nii Boye is a professional singer, dancer, flutist, percussionist and teacher hailing from Ghana, West Africa.



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