Feedback from: Childeric Primary School; 2013


Dear Abass and the rest of One Drum,

I would like to thank you for a fantastic day on Tuesday 15th January 2013. Year 6 loved every minute and the end of school performance was outstanding. We have already recommended you to other heads who visited our school today!


Take care and we look forward to seeing you next year!


Kind regards


Jemma Burke


Moyra, I was in with 82 this afternoon and was really impressed by the motivational and exciting content and delivery. I was particularly impressed with the kids' musical efforts! It was a lovely afternoon, please convey my thanks to Abass and many thanks to you too for organising it!



Laura Hynes


I was fortunate enough to be there for part of period one today. I thought both the teaching and the delivery of the session was fantastic. The pupils were all totally engaged in what they were doing and seemed to really enjoy the obvious enthusiasm Abass has for this activity.


Steve Miles



I dropped in several times. On every occasion the pupils were totally involved. Abass was his usual highly enthusiastic self, encouraging yet expecting the best from the pupils. It was lovely to see them working totally in unison and clearly responding to him in a very positive way. I saw less of the dance but again they really seemed to be having fun.


Sally Haynes


Hi Moyra,

I was in two drumming lessons and saw the build up of students banging the various sized tubes and the limbo. All students participated and all were engaged. They seemed to be really enjoying themselves and the sound from the tubes was impressive. They clearly like Abass and he instructed them effectively.


Thanks Carol Stevens



I saw a group on the first day - it was excellent - the pupils were mesmorised.


Phil Wayne


Chesham Grammar School

Feedback from Yarl's Wood IRC, Serco Internal


Dear One Drum,

I would just like to say thank you for the excellent workshop held on 6th July.

The workshop was well received by residents from a variety of different Nationalities, and positive feedback was received by all that took part or came to spectate. The two facilitators were professional throughout but ensured the session was relaxed, and exciting which result in high participation from residents from across the centre.


I am in no doubt we will use your services again in the future.


Kind Regards,


Stacey Keegan

"Abass is a talented professional musician who regularly performs at a variety of international venues, but it is his engaging personality and his teaching abilities that have made him such a valued asset in our curriculum. "( Chesham High School)



Thanks again for Friday, it was really appreciated.


The pupils were buzzing about it and we were able to use some of the rhythms to support some studying of Macbeth the next day.


The Yr 8s were still flying on Monday - I think if I had asked them to perform some of the dances, they would have been there instinctively.


We have had a lot of positive feedback from those who were at the evening event. People really enjoyed everything about it and were bowled over by the two of you.


I like the effortless enthusiasm you both have and the remarkable energy. The kids really respond to your personalities and surprise themselves with what they achieve. It was so good to see the way they work with you.


Best wishes and look forward to seeing you again before too long.


Dave Machind

Lord Wandsworth College


Dear Abass
I wanted to say what tremendous feedback I got from children, parents and staff about your visit to our school. Not only was the standard of the teaching excellent, but you ensured that every child felt included and had an exciting, meaningful experience. The whole school performance at the end of the day meant that they could share what they had learned with the other classes and with their teachers and parents, who all joined in the dancing enthusiastically, much to the delight of the children. It left the whole school community with a feeling of true joyfulness and well being. A perfect way to end a half term.
Everyone wants to know when you will be coming back so I hope that you could consider our proposal to come to do a term of after school clubs for an hour on Monday 3.30-4.30 after school for our Y2 class.


Thank you again for spreading so much skill and happiness!
Best wishes

Liz Elwes
Head Teacher
The Children’s House Upper School

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