This week...

Another busy week for Abass!


Abass and Griot took their Storytelling and drumming workshops to the  3 Ft People Festival in the beautiful setting of Hylands Park in Chelmsford.  In the Global Essex tents at the 3 Ft Festival, some fantastic musicians, singers and dancers have brought their music and journeys from around the world. From Zanzibar, Ghana, Colombia, India, Jamaica and the UK, their worlds have expanded and they have travelled the globe.  Mums, dads and kids have danced to the music , listened to their stories and joined in the fun. In addition to running the workshops, Abass also performed with guitarist Mauricio Velasierra (Colombia) & Flautist Heidi Heidleberg (UK).

Meanwhile just down the road, the final workshops of the  6 week programme being held at The Smokehouse in Ipswich and First Site in Colchester have completed. These were run by Arts La Olam and have been a great success!


Performances will be held this weekend at Big Sunday being held at First Site in Colchester, and the following Saturday, The 8th of July at the Global Rythm Festival in Ipswich, where the workshop participants will show off their Storytelling and drumming skills they've picked up over the weeks.

Above images courtesy of Arts La Olam.

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