Team building interactive African drumming corporate workshops

We will bring the smile to your workplace

Master Drummer Abass Dodoo and his One-Drum team will provide for an unforgettable interactive authentic African drumming workshops that is guaranteed to bring about an extraordinary emotional release for all participants, freeing them from their customary work roles and acting as a stimulating catalyst for team-building, improved communications and greater cooperation amongst colleagues.

The positive energy generated by interactive African drumming acts as an excellent antidote to the stresses often generated in the workplace - and the freedom of expression that arises from African drumming can give participants a new and fresh perspective on their job roles, their colleagues and their work environments.

Whatever your training needs, our authentic interactive African drumming workshops will be tailored to support specific issues such as team building, leadership development, problem-solving and improved morale. 

One-Drum will organise workshops for any number of people, from small groups up to large gatherings of well over 200 people.

'Relaxed set up, warm and friendly, everyone had fun (even the shy ones came out of their shells), excellent team building exercise, great stress buster, confidence builder, great workout, everyone left happy & relaxed and wanting to do it again.'

Vicky Nelson - Tesco Adult Learning Week Drum Circle

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