One-Drum  Rhythms: jazz fusion, Ghanaian beats

One-Drum Rhythms brings the traditional Highlife Jazz/ Afrobeat music genre that originated in Ghana early in the 20th century.  It uses the melodic and main rhythmic structures of traditional Akan and Kpanlogo music fused with bass, acoustic, flute and sax.


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Abass was born into a family of Royal Master Ghanaian Drummers whose existence was not only steeped in the traditions of Ghanaian music and dance, but also in the folklore of traditional medicines.  Abass developed his craft under the instruction of his uncle, the legendary Mustapha Tettey Addy, Master drummer, anthropologist and researcher in the field of traditional music and dance.   With his uncle, Abass toured extensively working with many artists developing his own style and signature of African drumming.  Abass Dodoo is also nephew to Master Drummers Yacub Addy, Obo Addy and J.C. Commodore.


In 2012, Abass had an opportunity to collaborate with the musical director of the Royal Shakespeare Company production by Gregory Duran, with an entirely black cast of Julius Caesar depicting an exciting African interpretation of a classic story.  For the past 13 years Abass worked with the legendary CREAM drummer Ginger Baker and together they played in Jazz venues and festivals around the globe, as well as collaborating in several clinics.


Abass also collaborated with Van Morrison on his album called ' Van Morrison Duets: Re-working the Catalogue' and has subsequently been involved in many innovative and exciting performances, recordings, TV appearances and educational projects.  Abass runs his own educational workshop with his core team, inviting people of all ages and abilities to personally experience the complexity and dynamism of African music and dance through participation in residencies, workshops, lectures and demonstrations.  Abass lives in the UK working full time as a professional musician, mastering his craft of collaborative authentic African music with other professional artists.  To quote Abass “I love drumming, it makes me feel like I am walking on the moon”. 


With One-Drum Rhythms, Abass combines elements of Ghanaian high-life sounds with funk, blues and jazz influences adding a focus on chanted vocals, complex intersecting rhythms, and percussion.


One-Drum Rhythms: Jazz Fusion, Ghanaian Beats

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One-Drum Rhythms is managed by the record label Artisan Tearooms and bookings are subject to an agreed performance contract, a copy of which can be downloaded for review.

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Short clip of Hootenanny Performance, 28th Sept 2019

Performance at Hootenanny in Brixton on 28th September 2019
Performance at Hootenanny in Brixton on 28th September 2019

Master Drummer Abass Dodoo and legendary Ginger Baker collaboration