School workshops

World music syllabus including GCSE

The study of African music is part of the GCSE Music Syllabus, and Master Drummer Abass Dodoo (nephew to very same Mustapha Tettey Addy mentioned in the GCSE Music Syllabus) delivers powerful workshops, teaching students to play a range of African rhythms, songs and instruments.

One-drum programmes are exciting, memorable and inclusive workshops that address areas of the National Curriculum. We work with all key stages and our workshops are creatively cross-curricular. We are happy to tailor our work to fufil your learning outcomes.


During the workshops one-drum teaches not only the art of the drum but also the day to day cultural life of Africans.


The main elements of education workshops are:

Multicultural literacy
Team work


Abass is a talented professional musician who regularly performs at a variety of international venues, but it is his engaging personality and his teaching abilities that have made him such a valued asset in our curriculum' (Chesham  Grammar  School)


One-Drum offers the following workshops using Kpanlogo Drums or Djembe 


Full day and half day workshops. 
Assemblies for the whole  school. 
After school Club.
Inset training day for teachers 
Black History Month Programmes


 African Drumming School Workshops 


Our African drumming school workshops align to the GSCE Music curriculum related to African music in the World Music category.  We cover the following subject areas: 


African Drum ensembles

The music played by African drum ensembles is very complex in rhythm and texture.  The master drummer has the most elaborate part, leading the drum ensemble and playing solos. He leads the drummers by giving them musical cues in the form of rhythm patterns. He also gives cues to dancers to signal changes of tempo or steps.  In drum ensembles:

  • several different rhythms are played at the same time
  • the rhythm patterns interlock and overlap to form polyrhythmic patterns and exciting cross-rhythms

A cross-rhythm is the effect produced when two conflicting rhythms are heard together.  Polyrhythm is when two or more rhythms with different pulses are heard together, e.g. where one drum is playing in triple time and another is playing in quadruple time, three against four.



West African drumming often uses a timeline.  A timeline is a short repeated rhythm which is often played by a single or double bell, e.g. the gonkogui, a double bell with a high note and a low note. The function of the timeline is to hold the piece together.


In our African drumming school workshops we explain and explore drum ensembles, rhythms and timelines.  We bring the drums and everyone has a go putting what they learn in to practice.

As well as African Drumming Workshops we also offer African Dancing Workshop, Storytelling, Performances, African Art which explore complementary and alternative forms of personal expression aligned to the beat of the drums

We Work Inclusively in

Schools, Festivals, Offices, Theatres, Prisons, Parties and Community Centres 


Educational workshops

Our experienced team of educators and facilitators offer a personal service to meet your specific needs. We offer the unique opportunity to explore and learn the joy that can be experienced and expressed through the drums.

Our multi sensory programmes use drumming, dancing, storytelling and crafts and are ideal for PSHE and Global Citizenship curriculum strands across all key stages.

For young people, including those with diverse physical, emotional, intellectual and communication needs, our programmes include ''A Musical Journey' - which raises important questions about the world we live in, social justice, sustainability and change.

Dance workshops

One-drum's highly skilled facilitators offer dance workshops that give students the chance to experience the joy and dynamism of African culture. Our energetic dancers and drummers will ensure that everyone gets involved and discovers something new.

Special needs workshops

One-drum is experienced at providing inclusive drumming, percussion, vocal and dance workshops for children and adults who are on the continuum of special needs including profound, multiple and complex learning and physical difficulties, autism, gifted and talented, moderate and severe learning difficulties.


Our storytelling will take you on a journey that inspires children to learn about themselves and the world around them.  We use drums to create a story timeline, beats and explain the rhythms the underline stories.