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One-drum is a collaborative ensemble of artists and teachers from diverse backgrounds, committed to creating inclusive, engaging work that uses cultural expression as a catalyst to change perceptions.

Our Authentic African drumming and dance; it’s the beat of the heart; the pulse of the blood; the rhythm of life - a celebration of the spirit as old as mankind. Drumming is a powerful, potent and vital force that One-Drum has harnessed for education and entertainment, for self-expression and self-discovery.

 One-drum offers a whole range of Workshops and Performances including:


Drumming and dancing workshops

Storytelling and performances

African arts

GCSE music workshop


We work inclusively in schools, festivals, company offices, theatres, hospitals and prisons.


We also offer workshops using Kpanlogo drums or Djembe:


Full day and halfday workshops

School assemblies

After school club

Inset training day for teachers (CPD)

Black History Month programmes