Black history month events

In our Interactive African Drumming and Dance Workshop participants will learn about how the drum was used traditionally in Africa and also how it relates to the modern rhythms heard today.  Using a variety of different sized instruments they will also create a large ensemble, making it an ideal group activity

ONE-DRUM Drumming and Dancing Workshop can be incredibly rewarding and inspirational for all involved.
Improves teamwork and communication skills
Builds confidence
Increase cultural awareness and cohesion
Creates appreciation for diversity
Therapeutic (Stress buster)
These workshops are high-energy, ensuring children are engaged throughout the sessions.
At the end of the day, all participants come together for an amazing performance.

A truly authentic, uplifting, cultural drumming experience - not just drum beats
A CRB/DBS checked, insured and talented team from one of the most experienced teams in the UK
African drummers for schools who offer a responsive and tailored experience that can be adapted to meet your needs
An instrument for each participant
A brief history and cultural context for drumming workshop; the instruments and the rhythms
Some dance may be used alongside storytelling, depending on the needs of your students
A fun and engaging drumming workshop for your school


Our Black History Month Drumming workshops for all ages and abilities. You can adapt the workshop to your specific needs.



Our Black History Month  Performance It’s the beat of the heart; the pulse of the blood; the rhythm of life - a celebration of the spirit as old as mankind


Our Black History Month Dance Workshops  we offer exciting and structured dance workshops for schools that will get even the most reserved pupils on their feet.
get fit and have fun.