It’s the beat of the heart; the pulse of the blood; the rhythm of life - a celebration of the spirit as old as mankind.


 We Work Inclusively at


Wedding Parties, Conference Events, Schools, Festivals, Offices, Theatres, Prisons and Community Centres




 Drumming is a powerful, potent and vital force that One-Drum has harnessed for education and entertainment, for self-expression and self-discovery.
So, whether you’re enjoying One-Drum for purpose or pleasure, whether you’re participating or listening, let the music steal into your soul, create energy - put a smile on your face and joy in your heart!
We use the positive power of drumming to deliver real benefits to the lives individuals and groups of widely diverse ages and backgrounds and we stage spectacular and colourful performances at concerts and clubs, festivals and workshops.
We celebrate African culture and music in joyous rhythms and electrifying performances and tell captivating stories about the history and events of African people and their descendants.